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PE/EVOH Multilayer Film

A new five-layer PE/EVOH/PE film is said to offer far more lower haze than its typical even for clarified PE, plus high barrier, which usually adds to HAZE. The film is aimed at lamination food packing with extended shelf life.

† 防霧聚乙烯膜

High Barrier PE/EVOH/PE Film

Product Specification

Product Structure


Product Dimension

Thickness: 40 ~ 100μ

Product Feature


The sheet can be thermoformed easily on typical vacuum and pressure thermofoming machine. Besides, due to the good selected resins of PS,PE & PP, it enables also in-line Form-Fill-Seal equipment for the aseptic package.

   2.Gas Baarrier Property

The EVOH layer offers superior barrier to all gas especially oxygen which is critical to food oxidation and color degradation. The package with EVOH reduces the use of peseervatives and chemical ingredient.

 3.Fragrance Protection

The sheets also effectively retain fragrances within the package for a desirable period of time. Meanwhile, undesirable odors are prevented from entering the package.

   4.Superior Sheet Appearance

The HDPE outside layer choices and processing technologies yield a sheet with high gloss and whiteness, this offers a good hygienic package for cream product. The inside PE layer offers good water barrier. As to theinside layer of PP will offer not only the water barrier but also the better transparency.

   5.Environment Friendly

Our sheet with EVOH is free from chlorine containing resin. This means when it follows the waste stream to the incinerator, it will be completely burned and create no secondary pollution.