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Skin Pack

Skin Pack is a skin-like packaging film cover the top of products, and it is integrated with the plate. The transparent film attaches to the product, not only the color and freshness of food are clear, the surface texture is also visible, and the gloss is increased. Our skin pack solution includes the upper skin pack film and the box or tray. The skin pack makes the meat is not easy to produce blood and water. Our skin pack is easy to tear by hand, and easy to open even without using a knife and can be cooked directly. Skin pack can also be frozen straightly.

† 防霧聚乙烯膜

²          Skin Pack

Product Specification

Product Dimension

Thickness: 80μ, 110μ
Width: Customization by required
Length: Customization by required

Product Feature

1.      High Oxygen Barrier.

2.      Excellent forming and skin packing results.

3.      It has both seal security and easy open properties.

4.      Dedicated tray or online forming sheet for skin pack.