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NL120 Food Package Nylon Thermoform Film

NL120 has never failed to satisfy the customers of various industries due to its superior properties such as high transparency, excellent mechanical strength resistance against abrasion, small thickness variation, a tolerance in high temperature, low gas permeability and excellent oil and chemical resistance etc.

† 防霧聚乙烯膜

Food Package Nylon Thermoform Film NL120

Product Specification

Product Structure


Product Dimension

Thickness: 120μ
320mm~1000mm 可依客戶要求
500M/Roll, 1000M/Roll
Suggested drawing depth: 30mm

Product Feature

1. Best for Thermoform Processing
NL120 has a high degree of stiffness, making it
    perfect for laminating with a wide variety of films.

   2. Resistance to impact puncture and pin holing

NL120's high impact strength and excellent abrasion resistance help prevent film breakage.

 3. Wide range of temperature tolerance

NL120's physical properties remain effective over a temperature range of -76 ~ +248 (-60 ~ +120).

NL120 is therefore suitable for both food packaging and frozen food packaging.

   4. Resistance to food deterioration

NL120's excellent gas barrier properties, including low oxygen permeability, prevent deterioration of food freshness and quality.

   5. Excellent oil and chemical resistance

NL120 boasts superior oil resistance compared with other plastic films; it also has good resistance to alkali and organic solvents.