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Black Conductive HIPS Sheet

Black sheet with conductive for the forming of carrier tape and tray usage.

† 防霧聚乙烯膜

Black Conductive HIPS Sheet

Product Specification

Product Structure

Black Specific Conductive Sheet

Product Dimension


LengthM):400 or depend on customer's demand


Product Feature

1.      The sheets that have been designed to have electrical conductivity with carbon black in Polystyrene based grades are available in a wide range of uses.

2.      Surface Resistance 104~6 Ohm

3.      Black conductive surface

4.      Easy for thermoforming

5.      Consistent seal within EIA 481 requirements

6.      Offering an excellent balance between mechanical strength and mold ability, so that even complex and deep-drawn shapes are possible.

7.      Consists of 3 layers with stable electrical conductivity for enhanced conductive effectiveness

8.      Grades with higher wear resistance are also available to prevent semiconductors and electronic components from contaminations.