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Black Anti-Static HIPS Sheet

Black anti-static sheet for the forming of carrier tape and tray usage.

† 防霧聚乙烯膜

Black Anti-Static HIPS Sheet

Product Specification

Product Structure

Black Specific Anti-Static Sheet

Product Dimension


LengthM):400 or depend on customer's demand


Product Feature

1.      The sheets that have been designed to have electrical conductivity with carbon black in Polystyrene based grades are available in a wide range of uses.

2.      Surface Resistance 109~11 Ohm

3.      Easy for thermoforming

4.      Consistent seal within EIA 481 requirements

5.      Offering an excellent balance between mechanical strength and mold ability, so that even complex and deep-drawn shapes are possible

6.      Consists of 3 layers with stable electrical conductivity for enhanced anti-static effectiveness.

7.      Grades with higher wear resistance are also available to prevent semiconductors and electronic components from contaminations.